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The Crypto Ad War!

Starting back in 2018 Crypto ads had been hit hard by big traditional corporations such as Facebook.

The ban began with Facebook when a lawsuit arose against them involving a “Cryptocurrency” advert and a member suffering from financial loss on their platform because of this.

Starting back in early 2018 Crypto ads were waged war on by big traditional corporations such as Facebook, Google, YouTube in a bid to limit accountability for displaying scam adverts which started a domino effect.

Almost every mainstream social media platform started rejecting and banning Cryptocurrency adverts and not just ads but channels, content too!

The Resistance

This complete blanket ban on Cryptocurrency content did not go unchallenged.

There were quite a few willing to take a stand and find a better way forward, this ban on Crypto ads made it difficult for startups in Crypto to reach masses without being able to utilise these platforms.

Come March 2018, the cryptocurrency and blockchain associations of Russia, China and South Korea started to make a stand refusing to let these power hungry corporations stand in the way of mass adoption for this revolutionary technology.

This led to several other pro blockchain countries joining the fight and pursuing justice from the social media monopoly eventually leading to a $500 billion lawsuit filed against Facebook, Google and Twitter in August of 2019.

How Times Change

Projects in the Crypto space have had platforms to advertise on and use without fear of censorship or being muted/banned however the main place those of us in this industry could go was complicated, no place for newbies and controlled by those who got in early.

It took roughly two years before we saw social media platforms which accommodate the everyday person and were “Crypto” friendly.

Eventually, we ended up with platforms and networks such as, and a almost complete copy of steemit under the name of “Hive” plus adding in networks such as “Cryptocurrency Investing Network” which spreads across several platforms, has provided Blockchain a place to be seen and heard.

The Safe Haven

Platforms like and networks such as “CI Network” gives everybody in Cryptocurrency a chance at keeping up with the fast pace of adoption we are witnessing right before our eyes.

Everyday there is huge news about massive traditional corporations like “JP Morgan” “Coca Cola” and many others who now take “Blockchain” extremely serious.

Hundreds of Billions of dollars flow through “Cryptocurrency” everyday, huge pension funds, investment fund companies pour billions into “Bitcoin” or “Ethereum”.

This is a clear sign that this industry will be the gateway to the future financial system.

Alternative platforms to traditional social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will take some time to grow and achieve the audience of those mentioned above.

However between all the alternative platforms like, Publish0x and others alike this does allow those of us in Crypto a way to advertise.

These platforms will be the future once the masses realise your time is valuable and you should be rewarded for that!

It has already been proven this model can be sustainable while providing equal opportunity to all without censorship because of bias opinion.

If you have not looked at the site mentioned above or signed up, I highly recommend you get a head of the crowd and open an account today!

Protect your privacy and be valued!




Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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