Kingdom Karnage: Beta Review

Choose your deck, conquer faction campaigns, explore dungeons for rewards, and revel in the glory of PvP.

Intro: Last year I found out about this game and ended up in contact with the founder from Kepithor Studios who are small indie game developers, since then i have played the demo and now have my own deck of cards playing the beta! (which is very fun!). Now usually I am not a huge fan of Trading Card games however this is not quite your standard card game!

Kingdom Karnage is a turn-based game where you send your character cards into battle, you can build out your deck, customise your hero with multiverse items and play with or against your friends or just others out there looking for a challenge!

So I played the Beta yesterday for a little while & the day before for a little while, managing to complete 12 missions so far, I am really enjoying the beta! You have to tactically use your units, If you just put them all down or without tactically thinking about the time & order which you deploy them to protect your hero & fight back the enemy!

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Beta: So I played the standard version which anybody can play and you use generic cards so you do not need “Early Access” or your own deck of cards for the game.

The game runs smooth, no bugs for me so far & if you have an early access token you can play “player vs player” which is awesome! test out your deck & tactics against other real life players, I do recommend playing the standard version of the beta which is not backed by enjin, this allows you to play missions & win rewards for hitting milestones while the beta is active so i highly recommend giving this game 24 hours, complete at least 10 missions!

Sign up to the beta & complete 10 missions, send me a screenshot of your mission count saying 10 or more & i will send you some 1UP!!

I recently got early access so am now using my own deck and assets for Kingdom Karnage!

Home Screen:

Hero: Plus my multiverse item Oindrasdain which by using in Kingdom Karnage it gives my “Hero” more health in-game!

So here I am choosing my deck from the assets I had at the time (I now have recently got more as you get rewarded various in-game assets for completing missions!)

Below you can see I have now picked my deck, you can also see my first row assets for KK which i own in my Enjin wallet.

Below you can see the second row of my cards, there are some really cool assets for Kingdom Karnage!! I really like the undead artwork, they are my favourites!!

Here are better images of my favourite assets that i own currently for Kingdom Karnage,

Beta is only on browser for desktop/laptop and can be played on any kind of computer so do not worry about computer performance as i am sure the game will run just fine for you. There is beta coming for all other devices though so make sure you keep a watch out for that announcement! I will be waiting for the android beta myself as I would love to have this on my phone to play when i want to take short breaks in between my daily tasks or if I am travelling somewhere.

Being in contact with their founder over the last year or so, I can say that KK has a great team behind it & has made amazing progress over the last year since I first came across it so hats off to Kepithor Studios for the commitment to their project & to listening to their community as you know us at Uptrennd have strong believes that community is vital so i love that about Kepithor Studios and would highly recommend checking their telegram channel out which you can find the link to below.

Of course, if this game looks interesting to you & you liked my beta review, I would kindly ask you use my referral link to sign up & also let me know if you do! We can play against eachother!

Be sure to give them a follow on all social media & we will soon see them on Uptrennd!! so if your reading this Nick, we would love to see Kepithor Studios have an account here & updating the community in our blockchain gaming community or gaming community!


Web Demo:

Android Demo:



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Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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