Empire of Sin: The Rule of Chicago!

We finally have a 1920s gangster turn-base strategy game!

I have been excited to watch “Empire of Sin” develop over the last year and now get a launch date, 1st December 2020 which is so not too far away either!

Empire of Sin is a new strategy game brought to you by Romero Games and Paradox Interactive that puts you at the heart of the ruthless criminal underworld of 1920s Prohibition-era Chicago. Slip into the shoes of one of the fourteen real and historically inspired mob bosses such as Al Capone, Stephanie St. Clair, or Goldie Garneau and assemble a rag-tag gang, build and manage your criminal empire, and defend your turf from rival gangs.

Empire of Sin: Steam Page

First Look!

So this has plenty of potential to really deliver an exciting “gangster” strategy/RPG/Sandbox game which we have not seen for close to a decade.

You will find elements of RPG, Resource Management with a turn based style gameplay which for me gives it the potential to be a great game if it is anything like “Crusader Kings” or “Stellaris”.

The “Empire Management” along with the sandbox style is what excites me the most, take down rival families and their businesses!

Make them your own and keep the profit for yourself!

Build out, upgrade your businesses and make sure you have plenty of protection when those pesky rivals of yours come looking for new territory!

The Choice Is Yours!

Empire of Sin: Game Trailer

Storyline And Characters

There is a story line and from what I see in streams, there will be unique relationships between each character along with no doubt their own agenda/story within the game.

There are 14 bosses in the world of Empire of Sin who all control their own family/territory, each with their own unique play style too along with their own campaign each.

The beauty about there being 14 different characters is I am hoping this brings hours of re-playable gameplay with new things to discover/learn along the way.

This also brings unique traits/perks with each characters for us all to experience.

To be clear, there is a campaign however, this will be a sandbox game which allows you to set out how many factions and some other options so you can play this game the way you want to unlike others which force you into a narrative.

Empire of Sin: Bosses

Mod Capability?

YES IT IS! According to the team “Empire of Sin” was built to be modded by its community! Excited!!

Why I am Excited!

Since the game “Gangster: Organised Crime” back in the late 90s on PC, I have always wanted a well built, thought out mafioso style strategy.

Being a big “Paradox” supporter, playing CK2, CK3 plus Stellaris among for hundreds of hours, this gives me hope that we will see exciting gameplay and choice in Empire of Sin.

This is mostly developed by “Romero Games” and it looks great in my opinion! Can not wait to play this come the 1st of December 2020.

Follow Empire of Sin!

Website: https://www.empireofsingame.com/
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/604540/Empire_of_Sin/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmpireOfSinGame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmpireOfSinGame




Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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