Decimated: A Post Apocalyptic Blockchain Game!

A Fracture Labs creation, Decimated is an RPG/MMO based on a destroyed, dried up earth where all the resources have been abused by corporations and neglected for greed!

This world is full of all types of criminals and rogues however even through all the destruction and decimation, a cyborg army enforce the laws of the wasteland!

Only privileged citizens were permitted onto the new world and the unworthy left behind meaning criminals, rebels and political traitors.

As a player you will salvage resources, technology and digital currency, repair vehicles, build bases and fortify shelters, Hunt, loot and trade in a hostile environment and Thrive!

Decimated, The Game:

Decimated is being built on the Unreal Engine 4 so should be putting out a very nice display!

As the majority of top name games use unreal engines, its also boasting a 64Km persistent online world which do not get me wrong is not massive.

But definitely big enough if you compare it to say GTA 5 map which is 75Km squared.

Its economy will run on the blockchain so will be a live in game economy being backed by real value which is always great to see!

It gives the game potential to be a money maker for its players, they are introducing a game feature where when you are savaging you will find cryptocurrencies.

Game engine and Features info

  1. Unreal Engine 4.
  2. 64Km squared Persistent Online World.
  3. Millions Of Players.
  4. Competitive Survival Gameplay.
  5. Blockchain Based Economy.
  6. Salvageable Crypto
  7. Human Citizens vs Cyborg Cops.

The Team and background(Fracture Labs).

They have a highly experienced and skilled team!

The CEO himself has been involved with AAA games for the last 15 years and has worked with numerous big names in the industry.

Titles that are linked to the team members are huge, such as DOOM and Halo Wars, The Division, Evolve.

They are in partnership with the team that created the Halo platform and 5518 studios who just recently had involvement with the release of apex legends.

The Economy

The in game currency is called DIO which is an ERC20 token so can be stored in all ERC20 wallets.

So they have 1,000,000,000 DIO tokens which are all in circulation and are finite so none are created and none are destroyed.

By using this method they hope to stop hyper inflation by players farming the token by repeated actions.

That is why blockchain makes total sense for this as every transaction is recorded plus requires a smart contract to finalise.

Which should protect from fraud and manipulation.

The value of the token will be set at 0.05 cents but could decrease or increase depending on certain things in the future as all investment can be volatile.

Cryptography and Digital Scarcity

Decimated use cryptography to ensure that additional tokens are not generated or cloned, to maintain a stable economy.

They introduced new and interesting gameplay features to keep the demand up for our tokens.

Tokens can be earned by doing missions, used to buy, sell, trade or barter items, stolen from other players or non-playable characters.

The alternative to this is items that can be manipulated, the number in existence can be influenced by player actions.

Let’s say a player decides to mine elements from the Earth — such as silicon — we know that there’s a finite amount on the planet, but it’s not all in circulation.

The player physically mines the silicon, each unit is tokenized using blockchain, He can then transport this to a processing station and receive DIO tokens as payment, or, trade the silicon for something else of equal value.

The World

From the videos, images i have seen, the world map looks stunning!

Looks like plenty of effort has gone into the creation of the world which is always a huge positive for me personally.

I hope it does not compromise on the gameplay too much! A balance is always needed with gaming, throughout my 20 something years of gaming i have always found my favourite games are the ones which have a good balance of all the important features.


Fracture Lab started out in Q2 2018 so they have been around for a year now and i assume working on Decimated since that time.

Q2 2018 : Company set up & pre-production.

Q3 2018 : Private token Sale & Prototyping.

Q4 2018 : Team Expansion & Partnerships.

Q1 2019 : Public Token Sale.

Q2 2019 : Kickstarter Campaign.

Q1 2020 First playable pre-Alpha. (Between here and Q1 2021)

Q1 2021 : Alpha Release.

Q1 2022 : Beta Release.

Q1 2023 : License SDK to Developers.

The Economy —


The world is big enough to explore and hunt, build as you please but small enough you wont feel alone..

However, I do hope that they can increase its size with an update later on or something as to really make a game with this much potential and detail you need a map that will keep players busy for months!

Real life economy run by smart contracts, whether your trade be mining resources and selling them for DIO.

Maybe looting other players, your transaction will be safe and you will be the sole owner of that hard earned DIO!

You can purchase these instead of earning them which if you can afford it will give you a huge kick start when it comes to in-game items and resources.

One would assume you could have a higher quality base and equipment with such Fiat/Crypto injection!

If they get the design right which by looking at the images, teaser videos plus the game, it looks very sharp and refreshing for a blockchain game!

Plus if the trading and economy works out how they planned and get a good size user base using it daily it could become a very valuable.

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Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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