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Chain Games : The Platform Where Gamers Decide!

Chain Games is an evolution in Web 3.0 blockchain gaming combining smart contract based wagering with state of the art gameplay.

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The Missing Chain Until Now

There have been quite a few platforms which allow you to bet on various games and scenarios however there is yet a platform which lets you develop games, play the games and bet on any scenario in real time against other players while being able to stake your tokens!

A place for everybody in gaming even those who don’t actually play just want to speculate in real time and potentially make some Crypto while doing that.

Coming right out of the gate with “Super Crypto Kart” and real time betting against other players, already this team has demonstrated they will waste no time making sure the community can get involved!

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What Does This Mean For Gamers And Developers?

This means that there will be no centralised entity controlling your wagering or games.

The players will be in control and payments will be instant, being processed by the blockchain meaning there will also be transparency so all those involved can feel confident that their funds are doing what they are supposed to.

Let’s talk about how this helps developers, ChainGames will give game developers freedom to build giving their community what they want to play along with earning from the wagers in-game.

By the devs being able to earn from the “bets” made, this will allow them to maintain their games, while implementing new features without needing a full time job to fund it or trying to raise the whole development budget from their community.

The great thing about this decentralised platform will be that developers are able to integrate their games and still be in control while benefiting from the already founded community plus development tools provided by ChainGames.

Gaming, Wagering and beyond

Chaingames will provide a futuristic gaming platform which makes it super easy for third party games to be integrated so anybody can play, wager in real time.

With such a strong focus on community and wanted to make sure that there are no politics involved just pure gaming so I wanted to cover two extremely interesting features which no other gaming platform does quite like this!

Smart Staking:
Gaming is such a community focused industry, it is always about the players and Chaingames wanted to make sure this was a top priority.

Those who stake their tokens will earn rewards from the entry fee to play games which can only be paid in “CHAIN” tokens which is a standard 15% network fee.

One thousand players playing per hour at an average of only $7.50 per game would yield almost $3M USD annually in rewards for the staking pool!

Smart Burning:
Players will pay a 3% entry fee and 1% of that fee will be burned with 15% going to those who are staking their tokens.

I am certain gamers will not be overly bothered about the fee knowing it will only make their tokens scarce along with having the opportunity to stake what they have and earn from the 15% that is shared among stakers.

With every entry fee into the Chain Games network, we will burn 1% of the total fee resulting in a continually decreasing supply of tokens.

Whats Next?

Considering their first game will be ready for launch which is a few days away now “26th August 2020” I expect not to wait long for their next release.

The next title lined up has no “Name” just yet however we do know this will be a “First Person Shooter” which will allow you to fight side by side with your friends or against them!

This genre is one of the most, if not THE most popular genre in gaming so I can personally see this game being very popular.

What we have seen from “Super Crypto Kart” which is highly impressive for the short amount of time spent developing the game, no doubt the next title will be just as fun if not more!

Now for my most anticipated release “CHAIN dSports”.

CHAIN dSports will allow CHAINGames to truly be an all in one platform providing something for everybody without “Third Party” games.

Two of the biggest genres in gaming side by side and decentralised too!

This is another piece to the puzzle when we talk about “Play To Earn”, we have a chance to support platforms like “CHAINGames” and help them change this greedy “profit” driven industry.

It is about time we players, took gaming back!

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Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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Love to write about games, tech and investing.

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